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The Monday Metagame (February 9)

Welcome back everyone! I would first like to admit that I was unfortunately not in attendance on Monday in order to personally collect the metagame so my understanding of how individual players performed this week is slightly worse than usual. That being said Jeremy was nice enough to collect the metagame for me so a big thank you to him! I’m particularly saddened I missed the most recent event since the metagame underwent a fairly large shift.

The meta has shifted away from players trying to go over each other with bigger and bigger blue decks and instead many players opted instead to play more aggressive decks. One of the best examples of this are the three goblins decks which appeared this week compared to the none from the week prior. These aggressive decks were likely able to slide underneath many of the other blue decks before they were able to set up. Shane took it down this week with RG aggro. This deck was likely particularly well situated due to the fact that green creatures often out class their smaller compatriots in other colours.

The last interesting thing from this week is the slight resurgence of combo decks in the metagame. There was a slight resurgence in Academy decks and even an appearance of a storm deck. As the metagame shifts towards aggressive non blue decks these combo decks should have an easier time getting their opponent dead.

As for a spicy deck of the week it is somewhat difficult for me to evaluate the spiciness of a deck however both the storm and RU burn decks certainly warrant some attention. This week I will be covering Jeremy’s Lands deck from last week! Evidently someone else was inspired as a new Lands deck popped up this week!

One other note! The decks lists from the Highlander championships will be posted throughout the week  along with a synopsis of how the player did in the tournament! This will all start tomorrow so look forward to a lot of new material coming out this week!

Here is the meta game!

Big Red
3 Goblins
2 Esper Control
Mardu Midrange
RUG Control
GR Aggro (Beautiful Pig Aggro)
Mono Green Combo
RU Burn
3 Academy
GB Rock
BUG Tempo
RW Aggro
UB Faeries
Pattern Rector
UWR Tempo

Comments appreciated!

-Liam Coughlan