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Paperlander 15! 10 Points Podcast Paper Gameplay

Come watch as Ash and Nicholas welcome back Chad on his signature RG Bond List as well as Stephen, a new face on a hot RUG lands list! Join us for some spicy paper magic! Canadian Highlander | Nicholas VS. Stephen | Paperlander#15

2024 New Player Primer

We’ve had a substantial uptick in interest in Canlander so here is some advice on how you might get started in this wonderful format. If something goes unmentioned here the best place to ask is the official Canadian Highlander Discord ​Format Rules Firstly for those unfamiliar, Canadian Highlander is a 100-card singleton 1v1 20 life… Read More »2024 New Player Primer

Frequently Asked Deck Building Questions

Contents Introduction TL;DR Table Thresholds and Benchmarks Force of Will MH2 Elementals Casting on Curve Landcyclers Mystic Sanctuary Tinker Natural Order Lurrus Beseech the Mirror 2 Card Combos Broader Questions Card Evaluation Removal Tutors Threats Discovering Cards Using Scryfall Decklists In this article I’ll be answering some frequently asked questions regarding deck building in singleton… Read More »Frequently Asked Deck Building Questions

How to sideboard in Canadian Highlander and Top-8 profiles!

The team goes over how to sideboard in our favorite sideboardless format! Join us after for the 2023 Top-8 profiles!

2023 Year-end Top-8 preparation: Metagaming in Canadian Highlander

Join the gang as they dive into their preparation for the 2023 year-end Top 8! Full of fun anecdotes and tips on how to get the edge in a Highlander tournament near you!

Murders at Karlov Manor Set Review -Council’s Judgment Ep1

Join Highlander councilors Sacha, Spencer with boomer Woolley for episode one of Councils Judgement, the premiere competitive Canadian Highlander Podcast!

Welcome to the Cyberdrive Cafe: A study in going big in 2024

A key skill for any magic player isn’t just in mastering their chosen deck, it’s making sure that their chosen list is the “best deck” for the room they’re playing in.

Doomsday-Breach: The next great Highlander combo deck.

When you think of the best combo decks in Canadian Highlander, your mind probably goes to Flash-Hulk, Thoracle, breach-storm, or Eggs. Over the last month I have brewed what I believe is the next great addition to that list, Doomsday-Breach.  The Decklist As some background on me, I’m a retired Victoria Legacy player who’s… Read More »Doomsday-Breach: The next great Highlander combo deck.

How To Build A Manabase For Singleton Formats

Contents Introduction Frank Karsten’s formula Hypergeometric calculators Choosing the cards A comprehensive example Building a manabase in singleton formats can be a daunting task. In 60 card 4-of formats, the core structure of manabases is largely pre-determined by the best cycles of dual lands legal in that format. For example, Modern is defined by the… Read More »How To Build A Manabase For Singleton Formats

Canlander Archetypes: Aggro

Aggro decks have had a place in magic for almost as long as the game has existed. From the original Jackal Pup and Savannah Lions decks of the 90s and 00s all the way up to today’s Ragavan and Thalia decks, aggro decks have been the primary bar that any Canlander brew has to clear… Read More »Canlander Archetypes: Aggro

The Initiative: One Year On

It’s rare in eternal formats, and especially Canadian Highlander, for decks to be built around a singlemechanic. Some have tried making Dredge decks work and arguably blue decks these days areprimarily built around Delve but no mechanic has had more impact on the format in its history thanthe Initiative. This ‘made for Commander’ mechanic shook… Read More »The Initiative: One Year On

Monday August 2nd. 4-0 BUGW Spellseeker. The Dad Noel run-back.

Deck list: Changed the deck a lot from last week, cut the cards that performed like shit and added a full suite of white cards. The meta has been really creature and very red lately so I wanted to adjust for that a bit as well, also I wanted to play with my beta… Read More »Monday August 2nd. 4-0 BUGW Spellseeker. The Dad Noel run-back.