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Highlander for Staples – Top 8 Decklists Pt. 1

On August 23rd, 2014, an event dubbed “Highlander for Staples” was held at Yellowjacket Comics in Victoria, British Columbia. Yellowjacket is the birthplace of Canadian Highlander, and has been the stomping ground of Highlander players (and many of the formats predecessors) for over ten years! The event boasted 28 players, from Highlander regulars to once-in-a-blue-moon… Read More »Highlander for Staples – Top 8 Decklists Pt. 1

Points Change – Additions, Removals and 7 Points

With the recent shift in the council members, it was also time for points discussion. Some changes that had been made in the past seemed sloppy, and the points list was riddled with relics of the past. The following issues were top priorities when approaching any possible changes. 7 Points Fourteen is a rather arbitrary… Read More »Points Change – Additions, Removals and 7 Points

New Points List and Council.

For those that are unfamiliar, the Canadian Highlander points list (and former banned list) were updated and monitored by a group of five individuals; all deeply involved within the format. When the council was created, there was an agreement to hold elections every 6 months, in order to keep the faces of the format fresh… Read More »New Points List and Council.

Set Review – Magic 2015

2015 set review. Looking to have two deck-techs up in the next couple of days.

Set Review – Conspiracy New microphone in action. Quick little diddy on Conspiracy. Unfortunately not a huge selection, but that’s understandable given the design circumstances. Look forward to a Deck Tech later tonight. Cheers

Set Review – Theros The last review from Theros block. Looking to pump out reviews across past sets for “hidden gems” or non-obvious inclusions (aka things that aren’t Tarmogoyf).

Set Review – Born of the Gods (Revised) Revised version of my original set review. I’d like to think this yielded a cleaner finished product. Theros review coming up.

Set Review – Journey Into Nyx Reviewing the various cards from Journey Into Nyx. Tried to trim down the review, and get right to the point (with certain cards). Still struggling with finding how to optimize the final product with Camtasia. Will post a revised Born of the Gods and a Theros set review later today.

Set Review – Born of the Gods

Reviewing the cards with potential from Born of the Gods, as well as an overview of the set. I apologize for the sound quality, as I don’t have an ideal microphone, and I’m coming off from a week-long illness. Feel free to ask questions, voice comments or concerns. Looking to make more videos in the… Read More »Set Review – Born of the Gods

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

From Tabernacle, to the Tomb of Yawgmoth, From the Rishadan Port, to the Molten Pinnacle, This land will will affect both you and me. Lands Considering the title, imagery and Woody Guthrie homage, you probably could have guessed this article is about lands. Not just your basic assortment of lands though. Today, I’ll be focusing… Read More »This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land

Wildfire Walk with Me

Earlier this week, local cube draft aficionado and overall great guy Trenton McIntyre asked me if I had any thoughts on the topic of Wildfire strategies in Highlander. Unbeknown to Trenton, Wildfire has garnered me more Highlander titles than any other particular card/strategy. So rather than explaining my adoration of the six mana sorcery to… Read More »Wildfire Walk with Me

Consider the Following

Before the Vote It’s about that time again. Points Discussion! Where emotions flare up, bonds are broken and combo players brace themselves for yet another dagger in their back. Just kidding. You can keep counting your storm, because aggro is the current boogie man of the hour. Why, you ask? Well, head on over to “2013… Read More »Consider the Following