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2016 Season – Monday Metagame February 29th, 2016 37 Players – 30 Archetypes


2016 Season – Monday Metagame February 2nd, 2016 36 Players – 32 Archetypes

Crushed Under The Rock

Congratulations to Alasdair Howie. 2015s Highlander Grand Champion. It was no surprise to anyone that he turned up and famously crushed with Golgari Rock. Here’s a re-cap of what Liam had to say about him in his 2015 Highlander Top 8 Player Profiles:

2015 Highlander Top 8 Player Profiles!

Hi all! The Highlander Top 8 for the 2015 season is happening this Sunday January 24th and I thought I’d stop in to give people some insight as to how it works and who the players are!

Highlander 2016 – LET’S DO THIS

Hi Everyone, As we march onward into the new year, we’d like to stop for a second and thank all the wonderful people that have been repping Canadian Highlander from abroad. This has been a pretty big year for us, and while Highlander has seen play in our little town of Victoria for a while now, we’ve never… Read More »Highlander 2016 – LET’S DO THIS

New points list! Effective January 1st

There will be a much more formal points list update coming soon but for those wondering here is the new points list along with some justifications for the changes from the council.  The purpose of the change to this 10 point system was to increase the council’s ability to fine tune the points list which… Read More »New points list! Effective January 1st

Interview: Thurslander Champion Chris Sutherland

Thursday the 15th Champion was Chris Sutherland on a pretty slick Grixis tempo list. This is a list that I was hoping to see slide its way to victory at some point, stoked Chris piloted it. He shook up Monday too, ending up in the final bracket against Alasdair Howie. Here’s Chris:

The Monday Metagame (October 5th)

Hello and welcome back to the Monday Metagame! There was an amazing turnout on Monday and as such we have a varied and interesting  metagame to analyze!

The Monday Metagame! September 29th

Hey everyone! It’s Liam and though I’m now living on the other side of the country I’m still going to try to provide a break down of the weekly metagame! I’m going to handle things slightly differently now as well since there is already a bunch of work being done for Thursdaylander (seriously check out… Read More »The Monday Metagame! September 29th

Thursday 24th – Full Recap by Tim MacInnis

So normally I send Thursday champs a couple questions about their deck, but Tim was rad enough to totally tackle it on his own. For those of you that aren’t aware, Tim is one of the original pioneers of goblins in Highlander. Dude has turned more goblins sideways than you can shake a stick at. Here’s Tim with… Read More »Thursday 24th – Full Recap by Tim MacInnis

Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st

Hey Everyone, Our own Bernard Nelles took up the torch to put together the Monday Metagame. This post covers both last Thursday and this Monday. In the past Liam Coughlan had sort of broken down, and analyzed this information, but I don’t believe we will have someone in place to do that for a couple… Read More »Monday Metagame – Interim Period 17th – 21st

Interview: Thurslander Champion Matt Grier

Thursday the 17th Champion was Matt Grier with an overwhelming mass of Goblins. Matt’s been playing this list for quite a well, and alongside Tim is considered one of the best players with it. Matt and Tim found each other facing off in the finals and the match was seriously Intense. Here’s Matt: