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Crushed Under The Rock

Congratulations to Alasdair Howie. 2015s Highlander Grand Champion. It was no surprise to anyone that he turned up and famously crushed with Golgari Rock.

Here’s a re-cap of what Liam had to say about him in his 2015 Highlander Top 8 Player Profiles:

I’m not sure there are many players who can claim that they’ve played the same deck at every single Highlander tournament this year but Alasdair is certainly one of them. The Rock master Alasdair is an expert pilot of the midrange control deck. Though he had a slower start to 2015 once he started winning tournaments he didn’t stop jumping all the way up to the third seed. Like Colin and Robin Alasdair has managed to succeed despite most of his opponents knowing almost his exact 100 every time they sit down to play. Alasdair finished second last year in the year end top 8 and is likely hungry to avenge that loss.

Most like Deck Choice: The Rock. This one is also basically a lock, Alasdair has too many reps in with this deck at this point for another choice to make sense.

-Liam Coughlan