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Changes to the Canadian Highlander Points List:


Dig Through Time: 0 to 1
Umezawa’s Jitte: 1 to 2
Survival of the Fittest: 3 to 2
Skullclamp: 1 to 0

(+) Dig Through Time (1 point)Changes to the Canadian Highlander Points List:

It should come as no surprise that Blue has access to a glut of powerful cards in Canadian Highlander. The printing of both Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time lead to eventual bans and restrictions in multiple other formats. We believe the card selection and card advantage provided by Dig lead to its auto include in multiple Blue strategies. By putting this card to 1 point, we hope Blue decks are more likely to have to choose if they want volume, interaction, or selection in the 1 point slot.

(+) Umezawa’s Jitte (2 points)
Jitte has become a dominant force in both midrange creature mirrors, and decks blanking aggressive creature strategies. Often paired with Stoneforge Mystic, Jitte has become an auto include in many archetypes. We hope that by moving Jitte to 2 points that creature archetypes will have to forgo Moxen heavy point spreads.

(-) Survival of the Fittest (2 points)
We feel that Survival of the Fittest has not withstood the test of time in Highlander. Unlike its compatriot, Birthing Pod, Survival does not provide card advantage on the board and still requires the casting of spells. Additionally, Madness based synergy (Ex:Vengevine/Rootwalla) requires particular deck building requirements that we find acceptable. We hope that this change allows room for G/X decks to grow.

(-) Skullclamp (0 points)
Skullclamp is a very powerful card. However, many of the archetypes that benefit most from this card can rarely play it in the current points structure. We feel that this change will allow aggressive creature strategies to compete in format. Our hope is that aggressive creature decks can utilize this powerful card to compete with other powerful strategies.