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The Monday Metagame(April 20th)

Hey Everyone! I was really struggling with what to write about the metagame for this past week and it wasn’t until I built my deck for this week that I decided on what to say!

The last week was dominated by aggressive and midrange decks with both of those types of strategies pushing tempo out of the metagame. Noel continued his heater with another finals appearance playing Bant Aggro. This deck has been incredibly successful this year and it appears that that particular colour combination contains the necessary creature quality and speed to outclass other aggro decks and out race combo and control decks. The white element in the deck also allows for enough disruptive hate cards such as Armageddon and Thalia to either steal games or eek out the few extra turns required to close out a game.

Jeremy’s Mono black epitomizes the midrange strategies that have started to crop up in the metagame as well. These midrange decks have decent game against pretty much everything and really take advantage of powerful cards in their respective colours. Several RUG Planeswalkers decks also appeared which capitalized on the synergies of planes walkers and time walks. Both Nelson and AD had a some fairly ludicrous board states where they got to activate Planeswalkers several times at once before their opponent got a chance to respond.

Chris Sutherland took down the tournament this week with his UWR tempo deck. Though many tempo decks got pushed out of the top tables by the aggro decks Chris’ combination of red and white cheap removal are potent enough to sure up that match up a little bit.

The Spicy deck of the week aware goes to Jeremy White for his Mono Black deck. This midrange deck is powerful and consistent and produces some fairly broken draws with cards like dark ritual and necropotence.

The metagame as always!

Bant Aggro
Esper Academy
Esper Combo
Grixis Control
Grixis Time Vault
4 Colour Land Combo
2 RUG Planeswalkers
2 GB Rock
Mardu Midrange
2 Bant Midrange
Flash Hulk
GU Ramp
UWR Tempo
Mono Green Combo
2 Mono Red
Pattern Rector
BUG Control
Junk Aggro
Gruul Aggro
BUG Tempo
Naya Aggro

Thanks as always!

-Liam Coughlan