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Interview: Thurslander Champion Pat Berdusco

Boosh, Patty B took it down on Thursday September 3rd (rather savagely), so I asked him a few questions about his RUG tempo deck. As an ongoing commitment to the radness that is the highlander community I feel like it’s time to start hearing from the players about their decks. Traditionally Thursday doesn’t see as much love, and sometimes some very spicy brews make it to the forefront, that coupled with the sought after bye makes Thursday an excellent day to talk about brews.

Here’s Pat:

What are you playing?

I’m playing Berdusco blade

What are your points?

My points were ancestral recall, time walk and treasure cruise

What match up favors you?

Control is a favorable match-up but nobody really has a good match-up against the Knucks.

What match up does not favor you?

Sandra Bullock and Mono-Green Craterhoof are really rough match-ups.

Why did you select this archetype?

RUG lyfe.

What is the spiciest card in your deck?

Savage Knuckleblade

Did you have any unusual interactions, or interesting plays?

I waited to cast Lorescale Coatl until turn four against Chris. He tried to Arc Trail it on his turn and I had recall. I also had to use recall to bait a Counterspell from Garrett so I could condescend his demonic tutor. He was on Grixis Twin/Key and had Deceiver Exarch in play.

Any cards seeing the axe next week?

Talrand, Sky Summoner is getting cut although I love that card.

What kind of deck would you like to see do well in highlander?

I would love to see pox/stacks roll through and crush everyone!

Are there any colours, or pointed cards that you would like to include?

I like the points how I played them last night. I’m not sure what the points will be come next Monday when True Name Nemesis becomes a point.

Is your deck an adaptation of another players deck?

This deck takes a lot of cards from Sorensen and just adds Knuckleblade. I also want to be able to play control against the faster decks which red helps with.