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Interview: Thurslander Champion Rowan BK

Slicing his opponents up, Rowan crushed Thurslander, getting the bye for this Monday. He’s ruining lives with a Mardu (Dega for you oldies) Control brew that is pretty slick.

Mtg Vault Link

Here’s Rowan:

What are you playing?

Mardu Control

What are your points?

Mox ruby and Mox Jet

What match up favors you?

Creature decks or decks weak to discard.

What match up does not favor you?

Blue Control decks

Why did you select this archetype?

B/R aggro was way too bad (Rowan had previously played Rakdos aggro)

What is the spiciest card in your deck?

Magistrate of Worth

Did you have any unusual interactions, or interesting plays?

Not really, I cast a mind twist on turn 2 for x=3. Another game my opponent cast Armageddon, so I played swamp into Gurmag Angler and won the game.

(rest in peace Sam Yates) 

Any cards seeing the axe next week?

Yes, many of them. Today’s list was mostly things I had on hand, or 3$ cards from YJ. Monday will be much more finely tuned. No city of brass or Tasigur for starters 9.

What kind of deck would you like to see do well in highlander?

I’m excited to be playing a non-blue control deck, and I would love to see more hard combo decks like storm doing well.

Are there any colours, or pointed cards that you would like to include?

I would like play either a Stone Forge Mystic package, or Demonic Tutor. I just forgot to bring DT this time.

Is your deck an adaptation of another players deck?

It’s not, although Alex Stacy is also know for spicy Mardu decks.