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Interview: Thurslander Champion Matt Grier

Thursday the 17th Champion was Matt Grier with an overwhelming mass of Goblins. Matt’s been playing this list for quite a well, and alongside Tim is considered one of the best players with it. Matt and Tim found each other facing off in the finals and the match was seriously Intense.

Here’s Matt:

What are you playing?


What are your points?

Strip mine, Mox Ruby

What match up favors you?

Slower, non interactive decks

What match up does not favor you?

Fast tempo decks and The Rock

Why did you select this archetype?

I chose this deck because I did not finish the other deck I was building

What is the spiciest card in your deck?

There is nothing really spicy in the deck

Did you have any unusual interactions, or interesting plays?

The most interesting play was a turn two goblin recruiter by me, and then a turn two goblin recruiter by my opponent. (hmmm wonder who that could be)

Any cards seeing the Axe next week?

I might cut Pyrostatic Pillar, Intimidator Initiate, and Goblin Heelcutter

What kind of deck would you like to see do well in highlander?

I would like to see more tribal decks.

Are there any colours, or pointed cards that you would like to include?

I think the deck already has the points it needs

Is your deck an adaptation of another players deck?

The deck was based off Tims and AD’s list