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Points List Update January 2nd

As of January 2nd the Points List has been updated. Please read about the changes and the reasoning for them below.

Strip Mine: Lowered to 2 (From 3)

Reasoning: Outside of the rarely used land recursion combo, Strip Mine typically sees itself played in the 1-2 colour aggressive strategies. These strategies have seen a downturn in play and success of late, and we hope that this change might enable spreads beyond triple Moxen and enable these decks to impact combo strategies.

Time Walk: Raised to 5 (From 4)

Reasoning: Midrange strategies utilizing Time Walk have become increasingly common towards the end of 2016. Although it lacks the raw power of Ancestral, we feel the “Time Walk plus a 1 point card” is just too good a point spread at the moment.

Transmute Artifact: Lowered to 1 (From 2)

Reasoning: Although Artifact tutors are powerful, this card is a pointed holdover from previous spreads. We are hoping to encourage more Academy style decks with this change.