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Points Change Effective May 29th 2017

Hello Highlanders,

This is extremely atypical but we have another points change to announce.

Gifts Ungiven 1 -> 2

Worldly Tutor 0 -> 1

Though we try not to change a lot of cards quickly and especially not one week after the other these were two changes that came out of the first council meeting that were agreed on. The reasoning for changing these cards is as follows.

Gifts Ungiven: Simply put this card is far too powerful to be fair at 1 point. Though the card can be cast as a fair card that finds two powerful cards that your opponent chooses that is the absolute floor for Gifts and frequently Gifts read pay 4 mana: Win the game next turn. What’s more is that unlike some tutors that require more steep deck building constraints Gifts Ungiven can be played in any blue deck and is very splashable. Lastly Both the instant speed nature of the card and the raw power level of being a multi tutor means that Gifts is almost never bad. The only games that you lose with Gifts are the ones where you die with it in your hand but since it’s an instant it’s very low opportunity cost to keep up Gifts plus interaction.  Because of this we as the council felt that Gifts needed to go up.

All 5 councillors voted in favour of changing Gifts Ungiven.

Worldly Tutor: Both this card and Eladamri’s Call have been on the radar of many council members for some time. Both are cards that are used for principally unfair purposes. Garrett even noted that he had played Worldly Tutor in Storm a deck very few creatures because it was so powerful. Cradelhoof was also the most successful deck by the numbers last year and since then no changes have been made to it. Ultimately we decided that Worldly Tutor was the better card to point because it is the more splashable, widely played and unfair card of the two. We didn’t want to punish toolbox creature decks and we felt as though Eladamir’s call is better in those decks than Worldly Tutor.

Liam, Jeremy, Ben, and Garrett voted in favour the change with Adam opposing.