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Points Change Effective August 14th 2017

The following changes are effective August 14th, 2017. Please read the rationale below.


Ancestral Recall from 5 to 6
Time Walk from 5 to 6
Hermit Druid from 4 to 3
Enlightened Tutor from 2 to 1


Time Walk and Ancestral Recall were must play cards in the all of the non-combo blue decks. The council had discussed many other opinions to tax these decks but ultimately decided that the most ubiquitous cards among these decks were the blue Power 9 spells.

Hermit Druid and Enlightened Tutor were both lowered because they were seeing little to no play. Hermit Druid is certainly a power combo card but it is vulnerable to virtually every kind of interaction and as a result is manageable. Enlightened Tutor never felt right to play at 2 points. Even the Academy and Eggs decks were not playing even though it was ought to be very powerful in those strategies. For this reason it was lowered.