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Rules Update: May 18th, 2020

May 18th, 2020 Rules Update

“Lurrus of the Dream-Den”, a new companion card from Ikoria, has been banned in Vintage.

Across the history of the format, we’ve used the Vintage banned list to help clarify format rules. Prior to today, “the Vintage banned list” was more or less a convenient way of consolidating:

– “Ante” cards
– “Conspiracy” cards
– “Dexterity” cards (Chaos Orb, Falling Star)
– “Silver-bordered” cards
– “Sub-game” Cards (Shahrazad)

Outside of unnecessary “um, actually” moments of pedantry, these aren’t “real” Magic cards. They’re illegal in every official constructed format, and in most community formats

Lurrus is not one of these cards. Lurrus is a real deal Magic card, and with Companion being a non-issue for Canadian Highlander, Lurrus will continue to be legal for play.

What this means is that Canadian Highlander will go through a slight rules change, albeit a change for the sake of cosmetics and clarification.


“Canadian Highlander follows the Vintage banned list.”


Canadian Highlander uses the following banned list:

– “Ante” cards
– “Conspiracy” cards
– “Dexterity” cards
– “Sub-game” Cards

This was a unanimous decision by the council, as well as a concern raised among MANY community members to maintain some amount of normalcy during the era of Ikoria.

If you’re concerned about structuring Magic Online matches (as most as previously been set as Vintage), please format your Canadian Highlander decks/matches as Freeform.

As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, please keep all discussion below.