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Monday Win, 4-0 With BUG Spellseeker.


RD 1 Medium Red 2-0

G1: I play T2 Oko on the play against red.

G2: This game is a lot closer, he nearly has lethal
but the follow is a bit shy and I take infinite turns when
he taps out for a dragon.

RD 2 Medium Red 2-1 Finals opponent from last Monday and powerful wizard lord.

G1: a landslide in reds favour, a fast start with a chrome mox into
Stomp, play the giant, t3 cast thoughtknot taking my only relevant spell
then t4 hero of oxide ridge, game not close.

G2: He stumbles on mana and I go out of the gates fast on the play
finishing the game up early with Uro into time walk.

G3: I mull lands and spells and find hand attack on 6 cards. T1 He suspends
rift bolt, I didn’t have the elf anyways, I inquisition him and find a Blood Moon
and not much else. His draw doesn’t get a lot better and I take infinite turns.

RD 3 D&T 2-0 against the Hermit himself, How win??

G1: We both mull to 5 but have a super interesting game where I have to navigate Grand Abolisher, Archon of Emeria,
a Fiend hunter with my Scavenging Ooze on it, and an Auriok Champion. His clock isn’t super fast and I am able to grind
through it with Spellseeker and Liliana, the Last Hope.

G2: He plays some creatures that don’t interact with what I am doing. He has been holding one card
for a bit. when I first cast Spellseeker I tapped out and got Ephemerate so he could have StP it there
but didn’t, the strongest play is to wait until I Ephemerate the Spellseeker and then Plow it. I know he
is an insane MTG player so I still have the lingering thought that he might have the StP in my head
but I decide its better to go for it either way here. He didn’t have it and I take infinite turns.

RD 4 RUG NBC 2-1 Finals against the Knuckleblade.

Second week in a row facing the same player on RUG at 3-0, I love RUG so
I am already losing a lot of value with the luck gods and he pre-woollied so I thought I was doomed.

G1: Get ahead on mana against tempo and keep pushing advantage.

G2: super insane game where I am slightly behind in life, he plays TNN so
forces the game into a race situation because I can’t interact with
the 3 damage per turn. I cast sea gate stormcaller then reanimate on my
previously killed Scavenging Ooze and reclamation sage to try and race along.
He is at 10 life and I have 9 damage in play after going to 4 from his attack with
TNN and Nimble Obstructionist. He has Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy in play to chump block
but I have a Karakas and a way to kill the Nimble Obstructionist, I have to fetch
to do it which leaves me dead to the TNN. I am also very close to a some stupid,
fancy play to make myself mill or discard to be able to grow
my Scavenging ooze by one for the 10 damage I need for lethal
because there is currently no creatures in the bin but I just can’t get there.
With no way to push through the last point of damage
I pack it in and we go to game 3, awesome game.

G3: I play t1 Arbor Elf. He plays turn 1 fetch, pass.
I play land, go. He fetches on my end step but I have Opposition Agent. Thems the beats, bit of an anti climactic
finish especially after the great game 2 but sometimes those cards hit their power level ceiling.

My first time on BUG Spellseeker in like 7 sets so the deck has gotten a lot stronger but the points went
up on Time Walk so you can’t play Pod in the deck right now.

Cards I haven’t played before because they came out after the group play stopped:

Sea Gate stormcaller: insane all night, I thought it would only be good with Time Walk but I
had a few double removal spell games and had the double reanimate game.

Fiend Artisan: My initial read on this card was that it was below average but that was for
4C Pod. It is a lot better in this deck, but it was waaaay better than I expected. I thought
it would never be close to goyf stats while also being a strong tutor but thats close to what it
was both times I cast it.

Timeless Witness: Insane pickup for this deck. It replaces a garbage roleplayer in archaeomancer
and is just way more powerful in general.

Hullbreacher, Opposition Agent, Uro: BUSTED.

Cards that weren’t as hot as I thought:

Grief: more often than not I want to cast this on t4 which is really slow for hand attack, even
with having ephemerate in my deck.

Tourach, Dread Cantor: Card is strong but triple black to cast and kick is too much, twice it would
have been good but I didnt have the triple black both times, easy cut.