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Logo License Agreement

The following Logo License Agreement (“LLA”) is a legal agreement between you and Back Pocket Labs Ltd. (as the owner, copyright holder of the Canadian Highlander logos) and sets forth the rights and obligations with respect to any Photo and Logos licensed to you.

Please revisit this agreement (LLA) when you wish to use or reuse any of the Canadian Highlander logos. Back Pocket Labs Ltd. reserves the right to modify the Logo License Agreement at any time in its sole discretion.

  • No warranties are given.
  • You MAY use any of the logos digitally for promoting Canadian Highlander, such as:
    • Use the logo in social media posts to promote a Canadian Highlander tournament or event.
    • Use the logo in video to promote Canadian Highlander.
  • You MAY ONLY use any of the logos physically:
    • To create an event poster for a Canadian Highlander tournament or event.
  • You MAY NOT edit any of the logos with the exception of:
    • Resize.
    • Remove logo background.
    • Attach the logo to another picture or social media post.
    • Change color.
  • The Canadian Highlander Council OR the Rule Advisory Committee may require you cease and desist from use of any of the logos at any time in their sole discretion, and you MUST comply within 24 hours.


  1. You use the logo and design an image to share on Facebook for an upcoming local Canadian Highlander tournament. You also decided to print out the image as a poster to put in a store.
  2. You create a video to explain what is Canadian Highlander and use the logo in the middle of your video.


  1. You like the logo and you custom print the logo on a playmat.
  2. You like the logo and you modify it to create your own logo.

By clicking the “Accept” button below or using any of the logos, you agree to this LLA.